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Intermediate Rhetoric and Composition continues to investigate the writing and discourse processes while supplementing them with the reading strategies necessary to comprehend and compose nonfiction texts. Students analyze persuasive arguments on subjects ranging from environmental conservation to legal decisions involving the First Amendment as they learn to identify elements of argument and to use rhetorical devices. Advanced Composition and Rhetoric Honors also includes honors enrichment activities. It involves the study of styles, techniques, philosophies, biographies, and ideas of major American writers as well as the historical events that influenced their works. Students learn ways to evaluate use of language, determine meanings, make inferences, grasp central ideas, evaluate bias, and draw conclusions by examining these works. do attitude conclusion of research writing. The course provides guided instruction in paraphrasing, analyzing evidence, recognizing symbolism, and identifying figurative language. In these projects, students write in both short and extended forms. Class activity includes reading extensive excerpts from The Odyssey, conclusion of research well as Romeo and Juliet in its entirety. making to revising and editing for content and style. In addition to the coursework of reading and interpreting literature from the textbook, students will read novels, short stories, and poems. The course also covers language skills, such as using affixes to affect word meaning and understanding denotative and connotative meanings to enhance word choice. The course also covers grammar and usage, punctuation, and correct spelling and meanings of vocabulary terms. use of language, determining meanings, making inferences, grasping central ideas, interpreting characters, and drawing conclusions to enable them to evaluate literary elements in these works. Studies of poetry focus on recognizing poetic forms, rhyme schemes, and cadences. using a wide variety of narrative texts from British literature. Students take a final writing assessment as well as a Final Exam. These activities expand the depth and scope of the critical thinking and analysis required conclusion of research students. Students integrate ideas from multiple texts to compare and contrast the treatment of narrative and structural elements. Intermediate Rhetoric and Composition is a course for 10th grade students who are at or near grade level in language arts skills. In this course, students will learn the everyday tools of persuasion, including ethos, conclusion of research, and logos. They learn ways to evaluate use of language, determine meanings, make inferences, grasp central ideas, evaluate bias, and draw conclusions as they examine both written texts and oral presentations. American Literature examines the literary writings, discourse, and events that took place from the inception of the United States to the present day. In addition, students complete extended responses to prompts based on the course readings as they expand the depth and scope of their critical thinking and analysis. These texts include documents and speeches that have been integral to the development conclusion of research legal and social policy in the United States. The course includes writing assignments for kids writing projects: a fictional narrative in the style of Gothic Romanticism and a literary analysis comparing or contrasting two texts from different eras of British literature.

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