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Going to say, and try not to read too much from it. think that the 8 point is very important, many people give apology to there audience but it is not good to do because gives a negative and different impression. Here are 10 habits you need to avoid. student last month historical case studies her persuasive topic by me two weeks before presentation day. You are automatically admitting defeat. Students learn this bad habit by watching their professors lecture with the lights out. got to unlearn this asap. we are human so we should make some mistakes in presentation, but we can learn how to solve those problems and give efforts to complete wonderful presentation. Sometimes I choose a wide range topic that I could not manage to do it, or I lost myself in the information I found. harder to find a topic you can captivate your audience with. It has been many years since I taught, but the bad topic point really brought back the memories. class at NOVA Annandale Campus. think each factor has his own importance on the legged stool presentation. Those 5 bad habits that usually we have and really bother us. It is also very unprofessional and an unacceptable excuse. But I agree with number 5 that it is historical case studies to talk to people without reading off a script. Speaker need to practice speech in their maind. It will be hard at first but perfection takes time. It is a tool many people use historical case studies security and is therefore very hard to unlearn. almost impossible to avoid choosing a topic so used as mentioned.

Certainly what is relevant varies by culture.

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