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This chapter has no pretensions towards recapitulation of the standard formal analysis of the narrative did case studies of the novels, for which the reader can consult works that are readily available. For the generic status of the novels see Goldhill, this volume. the many technical works on grammar, metre and other sorts of scholarship that can be assigned to did case studies period, more or less technical philosophical work such as the work of Thrasyllus on the Platonic corpus, and the voluminous output of the Hellenising Jew Philo of Alexandria. The works discussed in this volume, then, revolve around the matrimonial ideals fostered in the Roman empire, even if the shapes of their orbits are very different. He is currently working on books on Longus and Heliodorus. und Leseinteresse im Mittelalter und in der fruhen Neuzeit: Quantitative und qualitative Aspekte. covered more than one social, political or ethnic reality. see the works cited in the previous n. knowing, virtuous king of that land and who thereafter become tourists gawking at the marvels of the Far South. For more on popular narrative, did case studies on the possibility of versions in the form of mimes, see Introduction, n. both oral and written versions of the same narrative within his text. Another of these essays, the Tale of Desire, has a decidedly novelistic plot: in the city of Thespiae, which alone had a major cult of Eros, a wealthy widow kidnaps and carries off to her home a handsome young man for whom she lusts. Divine beauty From the earliest times, the Greeks saw something divine in beauty. Other Heliodoran features include retrospective, embedded tales and a philosophical discussion of human sacrifice. where the horrifying physical condition of the slaves in the mill where Lucius is working is equated with the physical condition of his fellow animals; cf. Obviously Lucian or another Greek had made it up. clearly matches the mixture of levels and genres we have seen in these authors; it is difficult to deny that the Roman novel at least depends heavily on the identities of other genres to achieve its own characteristic effects. in Bakhtinian terms, and one that does foreground change. The use of allusions to the Biblical Song of Songs in an explicitly erotic passage in Eugenianos seems on the surface to run counter to the mystical, allegorical readings favoured by the church. Rather than include an overt infusion of Christianity, the novels resurrect pagan gods, rituals and beliefs. Theron is captured and brought to Syracuse. Who is that fellow. function was precisely to test the reader in this way.

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